Cause Marketing

Every organization has a story to tell. Whether it is a nonprofit, a retail store, a service provider or something else, your story determines who your audience is and impacts how your business will grow.

This week, Anasa Troutman, executive director at Historic Clayborn Temple, joins us to discuss the "why" behind this powerful organization. She talks through Clayborn's story of community engagement and positive social change, describes the unique nature of cause marketing, and even offers a few tips on how to get involved with a cause outside of your business.

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Small Business Communications

Small businesses face a number of challenges and opportunities that promote growth and innovation. Often, small business owners are able to cultivate personal relationships with their audience and devote more effort into the company's unique personality. They also have to compete with larger companies, and must find creative ways to stand out from the crowd.

In this episode, Beth and Brandon talk with Robbie Johnson Weinberg, owner and founder of Eclectic Eye. As a small business owner, Robbie offers insight into the role that branding and public relations play in building the independent eyewear boutique that she and her husband started more than 17 years ago. Since then, Eclectic Eye has become more than a eyeglass store; it has grown into a creative hub, a landmark in Midtown Memphis and an active part of the local community.

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The Importance of Education in PR

The PR industry is fast-paced and ever-evolving. Public relations professionals must conduct ongoing research in order to represent their clients as relevant leaders in their industries. These skills are rooted in education, whether from a university or self-study. This week, we are exploring the importance of building a mindset of learning in PR-related work.

Meeman 901 Strategies is a student-run media relations firm at the University of Memphis. The organization offers students the opportunity to gain practical experience in their field while pursuing their degree. Tune in as Beth and Brandon talk with members of the agency to discuss how their education helps prepare them for a career in PR. 


Incorporating Video Into Your PR Strategy

First, it was photos, and now, it's video. Social media and online search platforms look for specific elements on a company's website and social channels that are deemed "worthy content" to show their users. Today, if your brand isn't marketed through video content, it may be missing out on substantial online business. Staying up-to-date on the current trends for communicating with your audience is crucial to keep your business on the digital map.

inferno PR account executives, Caitlin Berry and Naø Lewandowski join us this week to walk through the growing importance of incorporating video into your PR strategy, and how to produce a high-quality video within your budget.